Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prime Time to Buy

Prime Time to Buy
7 Reasons Why Now Is a Great Time to Buy a Home

Recent history has reframed some of what had long been taken for granted about buying a home. Namely, we’ve learned that even though buying a home remains one of the best and safest investments available, a home should not function as an ATM or a short-term speculation strategy. So, where does that leave us? A lot smarter, able to recognize an opportunity when we see one, and aware of the facts that point to now as the prime time to buy a home.

1. Home affordability is at an all-time high. The median mortgage payment on the median-priced home, as a percentage of the median household income, is lower than it’s been in a generation.
2. Mortgage rates are at rock bottom. It’s hard to imagine interest rates going much lower, and when they start to inch back upward, monthly payments and total loan costs will spike upward.
3. Home prices are back on the rise. After declining for 30 months, home prices are trending back upward. The time to get in the market is now.
4. Sellers are motivated. This means that buyers have the upper hand. Sellers are fiercely competing among an excess of housing inventory, which often means buyers have untold choices and negotiating power.
5. Financing is readily available. Banks are back in the game and ready to lend to well-qualified buyers.
6. Owning vs. renting is increasingly favorable. Since 2009, the average principal and interest payment has fallen below the average rental rates, and the gap is now wider than it’s been in the past 22 years.
7. Homeownership is still at the core of the American Dream. Owning a home is critical to financial stability and wealth building. It’s a forced savings account, a place to live, and a fabulous tax deduction.

Market Update November 2010

The housing market continues its gradual recovery without the aid of the tax credit. Sales are slower but growing. Although it will likely be uneven at times, slow growth is believed to be the trend moving forward. Interest rates hit a new historic low again, a major factor in helping keep mortgage payments incredibly affordable.

Extended periods of record low interest rates and further plans from the Federal Reserve Board to expedite recovery have some concerned about future inflation. One such investment guru, John Paulson, touted the benefits of owning real estate as a hedge against inflation on “Your debt and interest payments get locked in at record lows, while the price of your home will rise … If you don’t own a home buy one … if you own one home, buy another one, and if you own two homes, buy a third and lend your relatives the money to buy a home.”

This march back up continues to provide excellent opportunities: an ample selection of homes, affordable prices, and historically low interest rates. Experts anticipate both the economy and the housing market will continue their paths on the way to a complete recovery.

Home Sales

Home sales continued to rebound in September, increasing 10% compared to the previous month. This builds on August’s gain of 7.6% that followed a large drop caused by the expiration of the federal tax credit in July. Sales are expected to gradually grow as the market moves toward recovery without government stimulus. The recent foreclosure moratorium has opened up opportunities for short sales. Although it could make the near-term “choppy at times,” industry experts expect the overall trend to continue growing slowly.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Amenities: Monticello Park blends the best of both worlds with 2, 3, and 4 Bedroom Townhomes and a Master Planned Enclave of Single Family Homes. This beautiful D.R. Horton Community has a gated entrance and offers great amenities such as swimming pool, tennis courts, tot lots, maintenance-free living and lavish, professionally groomed landscaping. Monticello Park is close to Major Interstates, Downtown Atlanta, and Hartsfield Jackson Airport. Monticello Park with all that it has to offer is sure to meet your lifestyle needs.

Program Structure

The Beltline Affordable Housing Trust Fund provides homebuyers with downpayment assistance of up to 20 percent of the sales price at a zero-percent interest rate as a soft second mortgage.

Who Qualifies?

There is no first time homebuyer requirement for borrowers moving into the incorporated city limits of Atlanta but, current residence must be sold prior to closing on the new home.

Qualifying Properties

Sky Lofts -One, two and three bedroom units from $119,000

Triumph Lofts-Lofts located in the Reynoldstown Community from the mid $200,000

Milltown Lofts-One ,two bedroom units from the $170,000's

Glenwood Park- Condominiums in the Glenwood Park Community from $132,500

Grinnell Lofts- Boutique Condominiums in Inman park

White Provision-Condo living in trendy West Midtown from the $220's

870 Inman-Condos in Inman park Village near the BeltLine from $179,000.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

KISS YOUR RENTAL PAYMENTS GOODBYE!!!Welcome home to to a great Christmas present that will definitely be the gift that keep on giving!! On November 9, 2010 The Success of Real Estate Radio will be bringing you information that can make you a Homeowner by Christmas with almost %50 off the Sales price at HISTORIC WESTSIDE VILLAGE CONDOS

We will be having Kenyatta Stewart from Historic Westside Village to tell us how you can kiss your rental payments good bye and be a homeownwer at his Community! We also will be having Micole Sudduth from America Home Key Mortgage and she will be explaining the criteria needed to qualify for almost $50,000 in Down Payment Assistance for this purchase! Can you imagine living at this beautiful community for less then what you pay in rent? Don't believe me..? Just make sure you tune in on Tuesday November 9th at 10 AM to find out what we have in store for you at Historic Westside Village!!

ONE BEDROOM -$79,000 TWO BEDROOM-$99,000
For a very limited time you can snatch a luxury condo at Historic Westside Village with downpayment assistance. Historic Westside Village features an open floorplan, granite countertops, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and a pool and fitness center.

Historic Westside Village is conveniently located close to downtown shops, entertainment and just blocks from the Georgia Dome.

Down Payment Assistance Available

HOAP-10% of Dales Price up to $15,000
Capitol Gateway-Up to $30,000 in DPA available(*)


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