Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hello people it is finally here!! The show you have been waiting for and the news the ATL has been waiting to hear..Wet Willies is Coming to Atlanta!! June 6th’s show will be the first in a series of shows in where we speak with my brethren from the NFL and discuss their Real Estate Ventures and Entrepreneur Opportunities. This week we Highlight 10 Year NFL Veteran Carlos Emmons on his business venture to bring Wet Willies here to Atlanta. With a BS Degree in Business Management from Arkansas State University Carlos was ready to tackle life after football and prove that success just does not come for athletes on the field. As Co-Founder and CEO of 51 Ways Foundation he and Takeo Spikes hosts an annual 51 Ways Charity Weekend in Atlanta, which is comprised of with events that raise money for research for the AFLAC Cancer Center and Blood Disorders Service of Atlanta at Emory University. In addition, they also host an annual fashion show known as First and Ten: A Fashion Extravaganza. Also joining us will be Eric Eisenberg from Franchise Athletes a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan, Eric Eisenberg has been in the sports industry since 1989. He broke in as the Assistant to the Director of Research for the NFL Players Association (NFLPA). During this time, his primary role had him involved with contract negotiations for both veteran and rookie players. He left the NFLPA in early 1992 to begin representing athletes seeking to maximize their respective marketing potential within the endorsement and corporate promotion platforms. As the President of Iron Mountain Sports (IMS), he manages the marketing opportunities for over 50 NFL players as well as other athletes.


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    Anonymous said...
    Mr. Campbell, you sir, ALWAYS has your fingers on the pulse of the city. I am proud indeed to call you MY realtor!

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