Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sporty Girls Inc.

Your Circle of Success Real Estate is proud to announce the affiliation with Rashan Ali's Sporty Girls Inc. Sporty Girls inc. is a Non-Profit organization that benefits the young women of the city of Atlanta. Sporty Girls Inc. Believes in "Cultivating, enriching and challenging young women to
participate in non-traditional sports
while developing and fostering lifestyle skills"

In 2006, local radio personality Rashan Ali founded Sporty Girls Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia to provide young African-American girls the opportunity to participate in non traditional sports – those not popular in the African American community. A life-long competitive swimmer and recipient of a four-year swimming scholarship at Florida A & M University, Rashan knew that one day she would want that same opportunity for other girls like her. Not only did she want young girls to swim, but also learn to play, soccer, golf and tennis. Through Sporty Girls she has been afforded the opportunity to introduce young African American girls to an unconventional way to participate in non-traditional sports.

In 2008 Sporty Girls, Inc. successfully completed its first program which was made possible through our generous donors and grants. With the “It’s A Girl Thing” program, Sporty Girls was able to serve over 30 girls from the metro Atlanta area. This year, we hope to take Sporty Girls, Inc. to newer and greater heights with the implementation of Sporty Girls Camp Elite.

The benefits of participating in the Sporty Girls program are numerous. SGI will expose the girls to sports not traditionally offered in DeKalb and Fulton public schools. On a very basic level, participants in Camp Elite will benefit physically by being active during the camp duration. Since each girl will also be awarded a year-long scholarship, continued physical activity for each girl throughout the year will be ensured. It is our hope to decrease obesity among young girls and increase their knowledge in making healthier lifestyle decisions.

Sporty Girls feels that exposure is key to developing successful athletes and that every young girl, despite economic and social backgrounds, should have the opportunity to excel in the sport of her choice.


Sporty Girls seeks to encourage African-American girls age 8 - 18 to participate and achieve success in non-traditional sports. Sporty Girls will expose young women to golf, soccer, swimming, and tennis while building good character and lifestyle skills.

Our goal is to develop young female athletes into collegiate superstars who will earn athletic and/or academic scholarships.


We will achieve the Sporty Girls goal by:

* Implementing annual camps, free of charge that will focus on developing skills in golf, soccer, swimming, and tennis.
* Awarding scholarship dollars for participation in year-long golf, soccer, swimming, and tennis programs.
* Monitoring the success of each athlete on a monthly basis.
* Promoting collaborative efforts to strengthen and encourage familial support of the youth in the mission to be successful in sports.

Our Programs

Camp Elite is a premiere camp that will cater to African American girls between the ages of 10-16 from DeKalb and Fulton counties. Camp Elite will allow girls to improve their skills in golf, soccer, swimming, and tennis.

The Sponsor A Sporty Girl Campaign is the annual campaign designed to raise money for Camp Elite.


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